What is Gastronomy, and who are Gastronomes?

How to learn to cook better?

Gastronomy College ClassesWe will start from the beginning and discuss what a professional gastronome must know such as:

what type of profession it is, who are engaged in it, and if it’s a science, art, or craft. A gastronome must be a superior enologist, follow all the growing global trends, know a minimum of five international cuisines, and must encompass outstanding managerial skills. With a name that informs us about the enjoyment and pleasure of high- quality food, a gastronome has become a profession that exists generally in the hotel industry or tourism.

A good gastronome must have knowledge in:

  • Kitchens, bars and halls from aspect of recipes and offers
  • Knowledge of kitchens, bars and halls from a technical aspect
  • Knowledge of purchase systems
  • Knowledge of quality systems
  • And of course, must have a great love for the job that he performs


Cooking is not merely a skill that only a handful of talented people encompass.

Every professional chef engulfs themselves in literature to discover something new and improve his knowledge and culinary skills. Some chefs are even more ambitious in that, they travel around the world to learn everything there is to learn. A cook has a basic understanding for the art of cooking. A chef fully devotes himself to his profession and career. People may say that all you need to do in order to prepare an excellent meal is to follow the instructions in a book, but this may not be such a simple task if you do not know which book to start from. There are so many cookbooks on the market that a novice in cooking can find it intimidating.

So if you want to learn how to cook, do not start from a distinguished chefs’ recipe. Instead, enroll in a culinary art course at any local or online college that offers education in Culinary Arts. Once you gain some skills, you can expand them by experimenting with recipes from magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, or the internet. Then, surprise your family and friends by serving your favorite dishes.