Masters degrees

masters degree in culinary art

Masters degree programs in hospitality management and culinary arts are organized as the last cycle in these programs of education. Students acquire the highest level of proficiency through well-organized scientific research and high-quality mentoring.
Based on the principles of the Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, colleges take care of all career stages. One of the most important values they emphasize, for those in the master’s program, is to create a supportive environment for the development and scientific advancement of the students.
The dynamic development of society and knowledge in the 21st century does not means that obtaining a master’s degree ends education, but instead, it opens up a new cycle of continuous acquisition of new knowledge.
Master’s degree programs encompass strong support for scientific research, development of research careers and for the increase in research productivity.
Achieving a Master’s degree is one of the fundamental instruments needed within a community of a continuously developing society.
Master degree programs are organized in two modules.
The first module in Culinary Arts consists of the following classes:
• The contemporary culinary trends
• Proper nutrition and food safety
• The art of pastry and bakery
• Marketing in the department of food and drink
The second module in Hospitality Management – consists of the following culinary art classes: