International Cuisine – Canadian way of cooking

International cuisineEvery single place on the globe is specific in many ways. People with different habits, coming from different cultural backgrounds, living in different climate conditions develop different ways of preparing and cooking the food. This results in variety of colorful and tasty dishes, all together making the international cuisine. Today, every culinary arts degree college provides their students with online degree programs that cover many different parts of the international cuisine, among which is the Canadian cuisine.

Original Canadian cuisine was formed by the locals (Indians and Eskimos) from mixtures of dried meat and wild rice. Today’s Canadian cuisine is formed by various peoples living in Canada who come from all parts of the world.

Quebec is famous for wine production, apple cultivation, pears and plums, lamb meat, apple juice, and not only for production but also for their consumption. Residents are specialists in preparing seafood, fish and shellfish. One can say that the signature dish is pie with seafood, although they also consume some international classic dishes.
Thanks to its specific climate, the country is rich in lakes and good land. The best apples came from here, and in southern Ontario grow peaches, plums and grapes. Here is produced the famous ice wine Arial – frozen grapes are collected at temperatures around -10 ° C, during cold February nights.
-British Columbia
This famous Canadian region is rich in salmon. During summer fish is firstly dried then freezed and at the end smoked, and as such consumed throughout the year. Thanks to the mild climate there are ideal conditions for growing fruits and vegetables.
-Newfaundland and Labrador
Some 1000 years ago Vikings first discovered this easternmost region, and then came French and Portuguese fishermen in search of cod. Local diet is based on fish, whether cooked or baked, and desserts are prepared from wild berries.
-Nova Scotia
It offers the mixture of Scottish, French and German cuisine. Usual dish on the table is hot lobster with melted butter, hot pie with blueberries and thick soup with seafood.
One of the hallmarks of this region is Prairie Oyster (cocktail of fresh eggs, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt and ground black pepper) which is used as a cure for hangovers.
As years passed Manitoba was inhabited by various peoples, who brought with them their culinary traditions. Today Winnipeg is a multicultural city where can be found Japanese sushi and Italian Gelato. Real delicacy is balls stuffed with potatoes and cheese, which is served with sour cream, thick soup, pasta and sausages.