International Cuisine – Canadian way of cooking

International cuisineEvery single place on the globe is specific in many ways. People with different habits, coming from different cultural backgrounds, living in different climate conditions develop different ways of preparing and cooking the food. This results in variety of colorful and tasty dishes, all together making the international cuisine. Today, every culinary arts degree college provides their students with online degree programs that cover many different parts of the international cuisine, among which is the Canadian cuisine.

Original Canadian cuisine was formed by the locals (Indians and Eskimos) from mixtures of dried meat and wild rice. Today’s Canadian cuisine is formed by various peoples living in Canada who come from all parts of the world.

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Gastronomy – food, wine, spices


Gastronomy, the art of preparing food, requires an extensive knowledge about nutrition. First, a true gastronome should love their job, encompass great organizational skills, know a variety of cuisines, manage procurements, and inspect food quality.  Today’s cuisine is based on the admiration of food characteristics located in certain regions as well as traditional food preparations utilizing novel techniques.

The need for constant improvement of culinary arts emerged as a result of the global trends related to the successful development of tourism and hospitality. International, health, technological, environmental, and nutritional standards were introduced to develop authentic cuisine as an important segment of tourism. The need to adopt complex knowledge was also introduced to recognize as well as preserve local and national food and drinks. The comprehension of all of these aspects can be implemented in the commercial field (hotel, restaurant industries, etc) as well as in social caterings (hospitals, militaries, prisons, cafeterias, etc). Continue reading