What Does it Take to Become an Expert in Culinary Arts?

Culinary expertIn order to become a culinary expert first thing you need to do is master the profession because that is the foundation. To master the culinary classics – that’s a start. Only after a lot of work and practice chef’s creativity takes place, the personality is built along with techniques and concepts of how to prepare and serve meals. What is classic culinary!? It is when a student learns how to prepare a real Wiener Schnitzel. You cannot become a creative chef without learning the basic culinary alphabet. In order to achieve that an adequate culinary arts college degree is needed, however additional practice in restaurants is also highly valuable.

Cuisine and cookery is not only knowledge and skills but rather an art. Many online culinary colleges offer a new approach in the field of gastronomy, all in accordance with international standards and programs that are implemented in cooking programs. Further experience is ensured with quality teachings from guest experts (chefs, hotel managers) Continue reading

Culinary Technician

Culinary Technician

Culinary Technicians have a key role in organizing, planning, and controlling the work in restaurants’ kitchens. They plan as well as prepare daily and weekly menus. Culinary technicians work in all restaurants whether it is international or domestic.

The goals and objectives of online culinary art classes are to create the basis for achieving professional capability and comprehensive development of the individual. Programs in culinary arts are deepening the general knowledge, theoretical and practical, for professionals so that they are able to execute their jobs flawlessly.

Since this is a precise vocation, it requires continuous and lifelong education. For culinary technicians, it is very important to develop strong social and communication skills, and interpersonal relationships. Future professionals have to learn how to accurately plan, prepare, execute, control, and evaluate the work within his occupation. They have to be trained in the proper preparation and storage of foods while also understanding the characteristic and usage of the foods.

Moreover, culinary technicians must be environmentally conscious, mindful of occupational hazards and utilize safety precautions at all times.

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Distinguish Yourself From the Crowd, Become a Professional Waiter

Earn an Associates degree in food service

how to earn a waiter culinary degreeThe main goal of waiter educational classes is to train students to perform activities related to the profession of a waiting, waitressing, and bartending. Upon completion of the culinary arts degree program, participants will gain profound knowledge in the basics of the hotel and catering business, proper food storage, hygiene standards, usage and maintenance funds for work, well established communication with customers, as well as, serving manner of drinks and food, learning proper table placement, taking orders, maintaining bar inventory, and understanding the basics of first aid and safety at the restaurant.

When you are a server you should strive to be a superior, first- class one. To achieve this goal, you must accomplish the following:

Focus on the customer. The basic principle of the culinary arts services is concentrated on satisfying the needs of the customer rather than making money. The key to making money is to ensure that the customer’s requests are met with high standards. You must dedicate yourself to your customer with the utmost care to verify that they are pleased and content. You should not be concerned with the number of guests, what drink or meal the customers order, how much it all costs, etc. Instead, focus primarily on the best way to make money which is customer satisfaction.

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What is Catering and How to Organize It

catering service

Catering is in no way comparable to pizza or Chinese food delivery. Catering is a culinary arts services which supplies food and drinks to guest on various social events and occasions.
Catering is very significant to the ordering party because it reflects the host to their guests, dignitaries or business partners. The aim of catering is not only to provide a gourmet experience, but to also exemplify fine taste.

Catering can be divided into three segments: service, food and drink, and organization. According to catering masters, the features of a great catering service are:

What is Gastronomy, and who are Gastronomes?

How to learn to cook better?

Gastronomy College ClassesWe will start from the beginning and discuss what a professional gastronome must know such as:

what type of profession it is, who are engaged in it, and if it’s a science, art, or craft. A gastronome must be a superior enologist, follow all the growing global trends, know a minimum of five international cuisines, and must encompass outstanding managerial skills. With a name that informs us about the enjoyment and pleasure of high- quality food, a gastronome has become a profession that exists generally in the hotel industry or tourism.

A good gastronome must have knowledge in:

  • Kitchens, bars and halls from aspect of recipes and offers
  • Knowledge of kitchens, bars and halls from a technical aspect
  • Knowledge of purchase systems
  • Knowledge of quality systems
  • And of course, must have a great love for the job that he performs


Cooking is not merely a skill that only a handful of talented people encompass.

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Life as a chef

A good Chef never stops his Education

Chef at work

The difference between a cook and a chef is that a cook is generally satisfied with an average performance, while the chef strives to improve their culinary education such as their general knowledge and culinary skills. A chef constantly searches for better jobs and does not settle for anything less than what they deserve. Not only is their job’s physically demanding, it can be mentally draining as well. In most cases, the chef is the head chef, which is  a great responsibility since it ranges from the creation of menus to the management of the entire restaurant and staff training. A chef’s job never ends even after working hours; it last as long as there is unfinished business. It is often said that the chef is also a boss, mentor, psychologist, educator and artist.

Even though a chef has a large volume of work, tremendous pressure as well as continuous education and training, it is one of the greatest careers that exist.

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